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5 Steps to start your Sustainable Fashion journey

So you’ve been influenced by the sustainable fashion corner of Instagram and are probably wondering if you should hop onto the bandwagon. The answer is yes, yes and YES! Although...
Shubhi Rawat


The scope and practice of Greenwashing has shot up in the past decade due to  the recent rise of environmentally-conscious businesses and ethically-made products. Unethical businesses are using it as a marketing strategy to stay relevant, or rather- trendy.

For you and I, falling prey to Greenwashing can often stem from not knowing what sustainability actually is. To know that people's eco-conscious intentions are taken advantage of doesn't sit well with us- so we decided to step in and help.

Shubhi Rawat

Is Sustainable Fashion just a trend?

The Fashion Revolution that was started as a protest against the Rana Plaza tragedy has over the past year gained momentum, resulting in a rise in thrifting, sustainable e-commerce and social media activism. But is this just another Gen Z trend, or could it redefine the future of fashion?

Shubhi Rawat

Sustainable and Slow Fashion Influencers 2021

It's no secret that there has been a significant rise in eco-awareness and conscious consumerism due to the pandemic. A majority of this credit goes to content creators on social media who...
Shubhi Rawat


What's one piece of clothing everyone owns? A basic cotton t-shirt.

It is also probably the most worn item in your closet. But have you ever wondered what the environmental impact of this ubiquitous cotton T-shirt is? 


Author: Mahima Hazarika

Shubhi Rawat


With the passage of time- through house clean ups, diet and lifestyle changes, 'new year new me' phases and global pandemics, you are bound to pile up things that you don't need....
Shubhi Rawat

Sustainable Fashion: A Beginner's Guide to Eco-Friendly Clothing

It's 2021, and sustainable fashion is like the new Netflix show everyone seems to be talking about. You’ve most definitely read 'eco-friendly fashion’, ‘ethical fashion' and 'sustainable fashion’ more times than you...
Shubhi Rawat

Start a Capsule Wardrobe in 2021

Sufferers of the I-have-nothing-to-wear syndrome, bad shoppers, anxious dressers, people who pick out the same 3 clothing items to wear and those who are not passionate about putting OOTDs together everyday- your life is about to get a whole lot better!

Shubhi Rawat