2023 sustainable fashion theme for your zodiac sign!

2023 sustainable fashion theme for your zodiac sign! - One Less

2023 has been off to a great start. One Less took part in a sustainable pop up hosted at Soho House, Mumbai and the love from the OL community has been truly overwhelming to say the least. Some of you were spoilt for choice, while some of you were unsure about what current sustainable fashion trends you were feeling. Whatever team you’re on, here’s a little something to help you make easier (and more sustainable) decisions - straight from the stars themselves!


Embrace your quirkiness Aquarius! We’re talking about prints that don’t match or even working out in your Pj’s, just make sure you do you. As a highly emotional and socially receptive sign, it’s alright if you want to stray away from being trendy for a bit and be in tune with your anti societal state of being. Find a shirt that fits? We’d love to see you wearing it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


We have an inkling that you are feeling floral and botanical this year Pisces. Flowy summer shirts and AM to PM casuals would definitely suit your poetic soul. Your romantic personality is viewing everything from rose coloured glasses, so why don’t you add some light pastels to the mix?


You’re no stranger to feeling passionate and fiery Aries, and that’s exactly what 2023 has in store for you. May we suggest using expressive clothing that makes you stand out from the crowd? Think prints on prints, asymmetrical earrings, or even statement buckles. It’s all about feeling confident and setting yourself up for success, so make sure your fashion choices reflect the same. 


Real talk Taurus? Blair from Gossip Girl is your fashion guru this year. Think tweed skirts, formal blouses and a small patent handbag that goes with everything! Your reliable yet sensual personality is ready to let fashion be it’s catalyst in making things go your way, so what’s a little New York chic to spruce it up!


Your dual personality always needs an alter ego Gemini. So we think it's always good to pack in an extra pair of shoes or earrings to transform your look whenever and wherever! Muted and subdued colours compliment your brainy character, and unleash your potential to fit into any environment without much hesitation. 


Comfortable clothing is like a second skin to you, Cancer - and that’s all the more reason why you’ll be ditching your skinny jeans for sweatpants and shorts, in 2023. The good thing about athleisure is that you can wear it anywhere - to work, on vacation and even errand days. So get comfy, and draw in the good vibes!


One would say you were born for the spotlight Leo, but I would say your ‘main character energy’ is something you can’t really help about yourself! Gold accessories, metallic shoes or shiny sequins will not only make you feel good about yourself but also keep the onlookers captivated! At the end of the day, you are the fiery one right?

  • Virgo 

  • Loyal, logical and lovely - that’s how I would like to describe you Virgo. Even though you are very straightforward, you can turn the simplest look into a total blockbuster. You don’t really need our advice, but if we were to say one thing it would be - bring out that old pair of denims and give it a second life, because I wouldn't trust anyone but you to do it!


    Patient and giving yet mysterious and deadly, you are a jack of all trades Scorpio. Always leaving people guessing about your next move, you are sure to use colours to express how you feel. Black is your colour of 2023 (like it is every year), but don’t be scared of a risqué moment. Give your looks a whimsical twist, and channel your inner goth princess. 


    Busy bee sagi, your social calendar looks busier than ever. 2023 is all about confidence, and making a loud entrance, whether that turning up fashionable late to a party to heading to the woods for a bonfire soiree. A head to toe fringe, or a colour coordinated set is what I am feeling for you this year. Let your fashion choices do the talking and get ready to feel that gravitational pull from others around you.


    Things are looking steady and safe for you capricorn. Being an earth sign, you’ve always found solace in self care and being around nature so keep doing you. But while you’re at it, throw on a monochromatic fit to keep yourself cosy so you not only feel chic and comfortable, but also look it. 

    Whatever your plans might be this year - whether it's a dreamy vacation, an important job interview or spending time all by yourself; dressing the part always helps (white heart emoji)

    Just in case you’d like to indulge in some mindful retail therapy, don't forget to shop for organic cotton t-shirts, bamboo socks and many more sustainable and eco-friendly clothing items here

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