Our Fabrics

At One Less, we only work with fabrics that are kind to the planet. Using a variety of natural fabrics such as GOTS certified organic cotton and bamboo, our materials are sustainably produced and sourced in India. 

Consciously Sourced and Ethically Produced

One Less

Organic Cotton

Our stellar organic cotton is made organically from farm to finished product. It takes up 71% less water and 62% less energy than conventional cotton does, all while restoring the environment by building healthy ecosystems, protecting farmers from financial problems and eliminating health concerns.


A sustainable fabric like bamboo is our saviour in the fight against climate change. Since the crop self-regenerates, it is able to restore the soil by preventing erosion, sequestering large amounts of carbon dioxide, producing 35 times more oxygen and uses 33% less water than regular cotton. 

We are GOTS certified

This certification legitimizes the organic status of our fibres by verifying the source of our raw materials, labelling, processing, manufacturing, packaging and distribution as socially and environmentally responsible, after undergoing a thorough check.