5 Ways To Sustainably Spring Clean Your Closet

5 Ways To Sustainably Spring Clean Your Closet - One Less

Spring has sprung! The sun is out, pastels are doing their thing and it is finally annual de cluttering time.

Whether you want to unlock a more sustainable perspective to consumption or just straighten out a few creases, a good ol spring clean is the easiest hack to get your closet the facelift it deserves.

Now, you may think selling off your clothes to an instagram thrift store is the only way to go but in the long run - our trash shouldn’t become someone else’s problem. So what can you do? Here’s 5 ways to help you (and your closet) out:

Run an Inventory Check

Do you really know all your clothes? What about the ones hidden in the nooks and crannies of your dresser? The only way to find them is to clean out your wardrobe and let it surprise you. There is nothing more eco friendly and sustainable than wearing (and rewearing) what you already own!


Mend, sow, stitch and fix - this is the mantra I like to follow. There are so many items we completely forget about because they need to be mended. This is perhaps the most important step of a sustainable spring clean. Upcycling your old clothes is the best way to limit consumption, yet also find new styles for a new season.


Now for the items you can’t fix, or just aren’t your style anymore, a clothing swap is highly recommended. There are many ways to organise a sustainable fashion swap - start with your friends and family, and if you have a bunch of clothes that deserve a new home you could also advertise via social media, or host a swap dinner party! 

Sustainability vs Sentimentality

This applies to all the items you emotionally resonate with. That jacket from high school? Your 16th birthday dress? Yes, those are definitely in this category. While it may be difficult to choose sustainability over sentimentality every time, it definitely helps to be intentional about being practical. It’s easier if your favourite clothes find a new home, versus collecting dust in a corner of your closet you will not revisit for ages.

Build a capsule wardrobe!

The last and most important step of sustainable fashion, and sustainability in general is to buy less and limit consumption. Building a capsule wardrobe is a great place to start. Incorporating this step in your sustainable spring clean will not only help you de clutter in the most organised way possible, but also will leave your fashion sense feeling timeless, minimal and most importantly - sustainable!

There. You did it. But don’t stop here. A sustainable spring clean is only the first way to reduce your fashion footprint. If you plan on buying new items, buy quality items you’ll cherish for a long time. Our newest BE KIND organic cotton tees are a great place to start!

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