3 Indian Women Making Moves in Sustainable Fashion

3 Indian Women Making Moves in Sustainable Fashion - One Less

Happy Women’s History month everyone!

As a woman founded sustainable business, it has been a pleasure to cater, not only to women, but to all genders that have found comfort, quality and durability in a One Less product. We are grateful that you continue to choose One Less, and make sustainability a part of your everyday life. 

As for climate change, it still exists! And continues to have a detrimental impact on the environment. As we move pace on a faster cycle of buying, consuming and discarding, we often forget to do right by the people, the planet and the environment. 

While fashion’s sustainability efforts are often focused on the industry’s impact on the planet, it’s vital that those who make our clothes are not left out of the conversation. 

So this women’s history month, we picked 3 inspirational women - creating, curating, and championing the cause of mindful and meaningful consumption via their innovative sustainable initiatives. 

Take a look! 

Kanika Karvinkop, Founder at No Borders Shop 

No Borders Shop (NBS) has all the hallmarks of a tide changer. Founded by Kanika Karvinko, it is a slow and sustainable marketplace for all things at the intersection of art and fashion. They aim to highlight stories from different cultures through the works of artists and designers who have a unique voice representing their histories through local and traditional craftsmanship. Their unique pieces like their sustainable coconut shell mini bags, himalayan valley superfoods, art pieces showing women hula hooping in a saree are nestled in the belief that pictures speak louder than words and make all the difference. 

Like a window to the makings of a South Asian community, before NBS happened Karvinkop got her start as a styling intern at Grazia. An urge to uplift and work with designers at a higher level invited her to start NBS as a vintage shop in the heritage village of Girgaon, Mumbai. They are now killing the game and have a global presence for being a favourite within the sustainable art community. 

Chaitsi Ahuja, Founder at Brown Living

If you were looking for a place to turn a new leaf with, Brown Living is your go to! From artisanal teas that are sustainably sourced to a full closet of sustainable styles for men and women, with home, wellness and culinary offerings added in for good measure, Brown Living offers the chance at change within reach, all while staying spoiled for choice.

Chaitsi Ahuja, the woman behind it all,  quit her corporate job when she realised it was designed to promote mass consumption and environmental hazards. She started Brown Living to curate options for alternate living that is entirely plastic free, earth-friendly, upcycled, recycled or thrifted. Her ethos for sustainability and drive towards mindful consumption has earned Brown Living its reputation of being a ‘all things sustainable’ go to!

Eshita Kabra, By Rotation

Determined to transform fashion consumption for good, Eshita launched By Rotation, the world’s first social fashion rental app, in October 2019. 

“Rotators” can rent and lend their designer fashion directly with each other, thereby creating a community of sharers. The initiative operates as a two sided marketplace that has at its core, a sustainable business model of renting and lending. By Rotation has become a green pin on the map of consumption, guiding consumers along a path to a healthier and more sustainable relationship with what they like to do best - shopping!

Eshita dreamt up her business while on honeymoon in her home state of Rajasthan, India. Since then, the platform has grown to a popular community swapping, lending, and flaunting their high-end looks all over Instagram first, and now with a swanky new app that offers deals, discounts and a great collection of high end bags, clothes, shoes, accessories and more. 

A big cheers to these amazing women that are paving the way to more mindful and sustainable ways of living with their entrepreneurial initiatives!

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