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In a world where fast, cheap and trendy fashion labels are popping up by the minute, 22-year-old King’s College London graduate, Hansika Chhabria has other plans. Witnessing and being acutely aware of the ever-growing environmental damage and pollution caused by wasteful fast fashion, the need for sustainable alternatives struck her amidst the pandemic. 


While ethical fashion and eco-friendly clothing are a hot topic on the internet right now, the Indian market took its sweet time to grasp and implement the concept. Being passionate about human and animal rights, gender equality and sustainability, Hansika’s vision of intersecting fashion and sustainability was brought to life through One Less. At a time when sustainable fashion was rarely heard of, her creative background in liberal arts with a strong understanding of digital technologies and social media made possible the introduction of environmentally conscious & socially responsible clothing into the mainstream. 


One Less strives to be more than just another homegrown brand. With organic fabrics, chemical-free dyeing processes & ethical manufacturing facilities, each product is made consciously with love to last long. The aim is to make clean, minimal and gender-neutral everyday essentials accessible through processes that are kind to both the people and the planet. Additionally, what makes the brand's contribution stand out is the incorporation of a circular business model and aligning social causes to fashion. One Less functions with circularity, which means that any waste generated is reused for fresh production, leaving nothing behind for landfills. Supporting local Indian artisans, empowering women with safe and dignified jobs, and planting a tree at every purchase are some attempts to reduce the overall carbon footprint and remain socially and ethically responsible.  


With a strong understanding of the Social Media ecosystem, Hansika is keenly aware of the impact evolving technologies have on our choices and lives daily, and aims to leverage that power for the greater good like gender equality, human rights, and animal compassion. Hence, One Less is her attempt to relay the message that small efforts matter in making bigger changes. 


The very name signifies 

One Less environmental hazard,

One Less health risk to workers,

One Less piece of clothing sent to landfills,

One Less carbon footprint,

One Less gender stereotype

One Less guilty choice


Heavily inspired by the bold Stella McCartney collections, elegant Sui silhouettes to Pangaia basics, Hansika wants the brand to deliver designs that are simple yet elegant, so that people connect with them, feel comfortable in their skin and have the freedom either dress them up or down. 


One Less is not just a brand, but the beginning of a conscious community started by Hansika. If her story resonates with your goals and values, then hop on the train to start your sustainable fashion journey here

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