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Sustainable Fashion brand India

Over the past few years, India has been going through a sustainable fashion revolution. The shift to a conscious and eco-friendly way of living however did not come about all at once. While it is true that traditionally we have always heeded to sustainable forms of artisanal production and hand dyeing, fast fashion still spread globally like an epidemic. So you can imagine how difficult it would have been to reintroduce sustainable fashion into a free-flowing market of cheap, low quality and temporary garments. 

In the wake of the pandemic, people have finally started to realize their not-so-positive impact on the planet. In India, the groundwork was already laid out by creative organic labels like No Nasties, Doodlage, Nicobar and many more, who were catering to the slow fashion needs. But, this was a new age Gen Z awakening (who are known to be both the biggest consumers of fast fashion and at the same time the most conscious and aware) that had the potential to completely revolutionize the industry. Hence this rising consciousness had to be taken as an opportunity to create a kind of fashion that they most related to. 

This is where One Less steps in, an environmentally conscious and socially responsible clothing brand whose aim is not just to deliver sustainable fashion to your doorstep but also make sustainability an everyday choice. Instead of flushing out trendy and short-lived clothing, One Less works towards elevating the power of basics that are relatable to people across all ages, genders and sizes. Instagram may show a lot of “shopping haul” reels but it is also home to the “1 shirt, 10 looks” kind of content and we cater to the needs of the latter because this category represents larger groups of people. This is a brand that allows you to leave one less negative impact on the environment. 

One Less is also living proof that you can be a trendy and sustainable brand both at the same time. You must have heard that “minimal is the new sustainable” so to bust the myth that sustainable fashion is boring, we have pioneered capsule collections of everyday essentials that are made ethically and please the aesthetics of modern minimalists. This is represented in our gender-fluid and neutrally coloured best eco-friendly clothessustainable bamboo socks, organic cotton t-shirts, and sustainable sweatsuit sets. In terms of materials, One Less breaks conventional barriers and happens to be one of the first brands in India to use bamboo as a fabric alternative for the production of eco-friendly socks. 

One Less is your friendly neighborhood purpose-driven brand that is amongst the first few to start the wave of future of sustainable fashion in India; the one-stop home for all things sustainable, made uniquely with innovative fibres, natural dyeing, and ethical intentions. 

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