Your Sustainability Choices according to your Zodiac Sign

Author: Saloni Dahanukar

We’re halfway into the year and sustainable clothing seems to be the hottest take on fashion in 2022. From
bamboo socks, to organic cotton sweats/t-shirts, and even eco-friendly masks, the sustainable fashion revolution is at its peak. 

But what if I said that this revolution had something to do with our zodiac signs?

Linear flat zodiac sign collection

From dictating our buying habits, to predicting impulse purchases and hoarding old clothes; our star signs can be super significant in determining our consumption habits. So if you’re looking for a little bit of fashion inspiration or a spring clean to get into hustle mode, here’s a little sustainability manual pre determined by the stars. 

Ofcourse, this is all for a little bit of fun, so don’t forget to keep that in mind before you empty your wallet (or your closet!)


Hi aries, we all know you’re a bit of an early adopter. Always setting the trend instead of jumping on one, we believe it's time for you to make sustainable choices and advocate for them to be mainstream. The fire in you might nudge you to be more active in the second half of 2022, so don’t forget to repurpose that old cotton tee as your timeless workout fit, and we promise it will make quite the OOTD on your instagram feed!


You do you, Taurus! It has not been the easiest year for you so far, so I’d say you deserve a (sustainable) treat. Do yourself a favour and gift yourself some much needed rest, alongside an eco-friendly set of luxurious pyjamas that will last you for years to come. Always remember, quality over quantity! 


Dear Gemini, it's no secret that each of your alter ego’s have a different fashion sense so make sure you are true to yourself and spend money on something that is unapologetically you. That may mean, an over the top self care kit or a swanky new pair of upcycled denim - the choice is yours. At the end of the day, fashion is just one of the ways you communicate with the world, so buy what you believe in. 


Highly skilled at not drawing attention to themselves, you Cancereans are big on keeping it low-key and comfortable. However, your flair for footwear and accessories is what makes you, you. So head over to your favourite sustainable fashion store and treat yourself to a pair of vegan sneakers or biodegradable jewellery and let your uniqueness take over. 


Loud and proud is how I’d like to describe you Leo. The ethical fashion startup that launched 3 seconds ago? Chances are, you already know about it. You like to be the first to know (and wear) everything, and the rest of us are not mad about it. Your chase for new and upcoming sustainable brands is strong and I have a hunch that you’re looking to make a bold purchase this season - something bright, sparkly and sequined!


So what if you haven’t ventured out of your usual style, Virgo? Don’t be afraid of peer pressure, because that is exactly why everyone loves you. With extreme attention to detail and practicality trumping aesthetics, your straightforward personality is most likely to repurpose and upcycle a 2017 look into a 2022 blockbuster. 


Inspired by everything and everyone around you, you Librans have the ability to turn shopping into an athletic activity. Obsessed with symmetry, and making everything match, you could probably venture into the world of colour coordinated sets (check these out!) and matching accessories for the next few weeks. After all, you are a pro at keeping the balance maintained between on point aesthetics and the need to be eco conscious. 


Mysterious, sexy and powerful - that is what you emanate Scorpio. Since you use fashion to express how you are currently feeling at any given point in time, you love it when you walk into a room and the gaze falls right on you. You’re not fussy and like to keep it effortless, which is why I’d recommend sticking to what you know works and investing in long lasting basics like monochrome organic cotton tees or a comfortable organic cotton sweatpant. After all, you look good in anything!


Hey Sagi, your social calendar looks busy this season, and so you may be tempted to make impulsive fashion buys; but remember to be mindful and not let the constant hunger for adventure get the better of you. Your endless pursuit of knowledge, travel and spontaneity taps into your risk taking side, so you may feel attracted towards all things spiritual. Consider splurging on a necklace made by local artisans or perhaps a handmade quilt to cosy up alongside your day dreaming woes.


Snack on the outside, soft on the inside is the tagline for all you Capris this year. Obsessed with functionality and giving everything an artsy edge, you may consider a capsule wardrobe so that you’re never stressed about what to wear each morning. Your responsible, high quality purchase decisions mean you don’t really need any guidance at all!


An emotional perfectionist - that would sum you up Aquarius. Secretly caring for those around you, deeply thinking about everything yet never liked being told what to do; your predictable personality needs to be pushed outside your comfort zone. To that I would say, have you ever worn anything made out of bamboo? Or hemp?

I’d think not. Take this as your cue to stock up on some antibacterial bamboo socks, or a hemp cap and break the chain of sticking to comfort. 


Hey pisces, like your sign denotes - you are always pulled in opposite directions when it comes to your consumption habits. Your dreamy outlook to life is why you always carry your heart on your sleeve and so, supporting those who make a difference comes naturally to you. In this case, I’d recommend a stroll in an organic flea market or a pre-loved antique shop so you can pick up pieces that are sustainable yet tell a historical story. 

Whatever your plans might be this year - whether it's a dreamy vacation, an important job interview or spending time all by yourself; dressing the part always helps (white heart emoji)

Just in case you’d like to indulge in some mindful retail therapy, don't forget to shop for organic cotton t-shirts, bamboo socks and many more sustainable and eco-friendly clothing items here

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