About Us

We know “retail therapy” is a great serotonin booster, and who doesn’t love some happy chemicals once in a while? But harming the planet in the process doesn’t sit well with us.

One Less started with a single promise: to make sustainability a daily lifestyle. Concerned by the detrimental impact of fast fashion on our planet, our founder Hansika Chhabria set her mind to building a clothing line that is eco-conscious, gender fluid and has sustainability at the heart of it all. 

We keep things simple when it comes to our clothes- our style is minimal, clean, neutral and timeless. Drawing inspiration from street fashion, comfort and accessibility are at the core of our design process. Our clothes are meant to last and be loved for a long time.

Our brand is founded on the practices of low impact both environmentally and with regards to the social consequence of the fashion industry. Our fabrics are locally sourced, and we use toxin free dyes to ensure longevity and sustainability. Granting fair wages, safe working conditions and promoting social dialogue for our workers, we make sure that our clothes don't cost the planet or the people who make them. Adding on to our values, we make sure our packaging is made from waste and is completely decomposable too. Since we are devoted to reducing the global carbon footprint, we take responsibility beyond the point of sale, and plant a tree for every purchase.

We believe that fashion can be kind. We believe in doing our bit for the planet, even if it's one small stride; One Less destructive garment at a time. We aren't perfect, but we do promise to evolve and grow with you, taking baby steps imperfectly towards protecting our planet. 

To start doing good, being kind and living sustainably is what we are inspired by. So next time, you’re looking to shop fashion differently, give One Less a try.