Remember that wildly infamous collaboration with Kourtney Kardashian that sent us all in a frantic frenzy? Yeah, it shouldn't come as a surprise when I tell you that such brands not only harm the planet and animals, but also the very people that indulge in them. Not only does the relentless pressure of having to keep up with seasonal trends result in a negative strain on our mental health, but the cost of constantly having to change our wardrobes and be spoiled for choice causes some serious damage to our pocket.

As an eco friendly company ourselves, we recognise that brands under the sustainable clothing umbrella can come off as slightly pricey. But that’s because a lot more goes into our clothes than just fabrics! We pay fair wages, guarantee using sustainable fibers such as organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, jute & also make high quality clothing that is long lasting and durable. So while we encourage you to indulge in our best selling OL Organic Cotton T-shirt, we understand that sustainability can look different for everybody. For some it can mean restyling what you already own and for some it can mean investing in pre owned classics. 

If you fit into the latter category, I’ve made things a whole lot simpler for you. 

Below is a list of 5 e-commerce stores that stock everything from pre owned clothes and shoes to accessories and even handbags. What could be more sustainable than that! Take a look - 

The Bombay Closet Cleanse 

Run & founded by an all women team, BCC has quickly gained a sweet spot in the hearts of Indian youth as the go to place to find durable, yet fashionable items including iconic brands like Ritu Kumar, Balmain & Burberry.

Check out their Instagram here

Curated Findings 

A business founded as a result of the pandemic, the online thrift and consignment store is famous for his consciously picked handmade items. The business prides themselves on selling ‘sustainable’ and ‘rare’ items that focus on the quality of the fabric and textiles used. 

Shop their collection here

Vintage Laundry 

VL is one of the only thrift stores in the country that identify themselves as gender fluid, and not only sell clothes but also Gua Shas! What’s more, they even send out tarot readings with every order… fun right?

Browse through their assortment here


What started out as a goal to make ‘thrifting a regular phenomena’, Amalfi is now one of the country’s largest sustainable e-commerce websites. Stocking everything from high street brands to luxury, they dedicate a majority of their earnings to a social cause every year. Way to go!

Click here to check out their stuff!

Lulu Thrift 

Lulu thrift is a boutique Instagram shop that still runs as a home based business. With orders getting shipped out once a week (every Monday), they sell everything from clothes, bags, shoes to even handmade resin products! 

Check out some of their items here

Thrifting pre-owned has many benefits, but it's also one of the easiest ways to do your bit for the environment, so next time, you’re feeling like some retail therapy, you know where to look! 

Shubhi Rawat