The widely used chemical dyeing process pollutes major water systems throughout the world as waste water from the process is released into nature without any treatment or regulation. This contaminated water containing harmful dyes and hazardous chemicals then becomes unfit and dangerous for human and animal consumption.

In order to make sure we don’t contribute to this, we only work with the good guys, our certified dyeing partners: Natural Dye House in Tamil Nadu. 

Using a variety of locally available materials and obtaining colours from plants, minerals, roots and seeds, our raw materials are chemical free, biodegradable and sustainable. This means that our dyeing process is carried out with zero negative footprint. The waste products from the dyeing of the garments is non - toxic and non - polluting and is composted to yield manure, ensuring that the loop is closed. 

The Natural Dye House provides a safe, comfortable and non - hazardous environment for its workers and the collection of dye yielding plants acts as an additional source of income for the rural women gatherers.