Author: Saloni Dahanukar

We’re almost halfway into 2022, and it’s time to officially cut all ties with our toxic ex - Fast Fashion

Despite monumental advocacy in favour of eco-friendly fashion from all over the globe, the high street has made little to no changes to clothing lines, and the supply chains that support their clothes. The only immediate action that can be taken is when us customers stop indulging. Lowering demand, and thus reducing production is the only way forward in this uphill battle to save our planet. 

Many clothing brands have now shifted emphasis solely on one thing. Lowering impact. Both environment and social. 

Here is list of 5 clothing companies, making badass moves towards better practices and eco-friendly production. 

  • Stella McCartney

  • A true leader in the green fashion revolution movement, Stella McCartney doesn’t just incorporate sustainability in her clothing, but also her offices - that run on renewable energy. From eco-friendly mannequins to investing in cutting-edge eco-friendly technologies, the brand has championed sustainable practices every step of the way. Her moves are not recent. Since 2012, the brand has been studying the impact it makes on the environment by using the Kering group’s environment profit and loss tool. Sustainability is embedded in almost every aspect of what the brand makes or associates itself with. A true force to be reckoned with!

  • Rag & Bone

  • Taking inspiration from American casual wear, Rag & Bone was founded by Marcus Wainwright and Nathan Bogle in the early 2000’s keeping sustainability at the centre of it all. 

    Amongst other eco-friendly efforts, they partnered with Cotton Inc’s Blue Jeans Go Green initiative to start a denim recycling program. It focuses on incentivising patrons to donate their jeans that are then repurposed into making insulation for homes. Along with this, they emphasise on local production in some of America’s oldest factories to reduce the footprint of their logistics, and support the local community. Way to go!


    After being called out numerous times by environmental activists and patrons of the sustainable community, Gucci has redesigned its business model by promising to trace back 95% of where their raw material is sourced from. Often referred to as the most transparent one amongst its luxury counterparts, the brand promises to promote Italian craftsmanship, reduce its carbon footprint and use upcycled fabrics to stay in line with parent company; Kering’s sustainability guidelines. Their recent genderless collections include items made from recycled steel and regenerated polyamide which received great applaud from the global fashion police. It’s not big, but it's definitely something. Proud of you Gucci!


    Patagonia’s efforts in the eco-friendly club are hard to go unnoticed. They started promoting the planet much before it was considered cool. The brand was named a UN Champion in 2019 for their sustainable practices and advocacy work. One of their key efforts is WornWear - an ecommerce marketplace that uses fabric scraps to produce ready to wear renders of classic styles. Patagonia’s founder Chouinard has promised to donate 1% of total annual revenue to planet-saving causes and even started an NGO for the same. Additionally, focusing on internal company-wide activism, the brand makes sure that everyone is on the same page with regards to the vision and mission of the company. *Happy tears*


    Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We're #2. - this is what the Ref brand tagline reads. Need we say more?

    A no nonsense approach to promoting the planet, Reformation has been completely carbon neutral since 2015 with a mission to be fully climate positive by 2025. Reducing their greenhouse emissions so that the company has a net positive impact on the planet is a key tenet they stand by. The brand’s almost cult-like following and loyal customer base has referred to them as being one of the most accessible brands globally. Along with releasing a revenue report, it is one of the few brands that release a sustainability report in an effort towards transparency. Using natural fabrics, a zero waste policy and above all - saving the planet is what Ref lives by! And we’re here totally for this energy. 

    Other brands with eco-conscious values include Eileen Fisher, Veja, Mara Hoffman and many more. One Less is proud to be a part of this growing sustainable fashion community. Next time you’re looking to do some pocket damage, you’ll know where to look! 


  • Shubhi Rawat