It's no secret that there has been a significant rise in eco-awareness and conscious consumerism due to the pandemic. A majority of this credit goes to content creators on social media who are constantly working to spread awareness about fast fashion, sustainable and eco-friendly clothing, ethical fashion, garment worker rights and much more. 

Here are some slow fashion pages for you to follow on Instagram to stay up-to-date on everything happening on the good side of the fashion industry. We’ve collated a mix of infographic pages, trendy fashion reel makers to proud outfit repeaters!

1. @aditimayer

Sustainable Fashion Influencers

Aditi Mayer is a sustainability activist, fashion blogger, photojournalist and a passionate advocate for social and environmental justice. Her page and blog explores the fashion world through an intersectional perspective and aims to encourage an unlearning of deep-rooted colonial exploitation and unsustainable practices. Not only is her page aesthetically soothing to the eye because it gives you a look at fashion through nature, but is also a helpful platform for understanding how and why fast fashion operates and what the available alternatives are. 

2. @anya.gupta  

Sustainable Fashion Influencers

Anya Gupta is a fashion and sustainability enthusiast whose page can be summed up as “fashion meets nature” because you will find a lot of greenery in her work. She is passionate about slow and sustainable fashion, and creates content that promotes local Indian brands that produce eco-friendly alternatives to everyday essentials. Her content is really helpful for building sustainable wardrobes that are kind to the people and planet for the long run!

3. @ssustainably_

Sustainable Fashion Influencers

Italian youth activist Gaia Ratazzi is known for her exceptionally informative and creative graphics on Instagram that aim to raise awareness about the negative side of the fashion industry. She encourages her followers to demand transparency and accountability from fast fashion giants through educational content, while providing sustainable fashion alternatives in a fun and easy-to-grasp way. 

4. @ajabarber 

Sustainable Fashion Influencers

Aja Barber is an ardent feminist, writer, consultant and advocate for sustainable fashion. She is known for her bold statements on social media that call out fast fashion brands who treat their garment workers unfairly. Her work towards bringing change in the fashion industry involves talking about important issues regarding privilege wealth inequality, social injustice, racism and colonialism. With minimal graphics and eye-catching slogans, Aja always succeeds to get both positive comments and criticism, meaning that her page is an important platform for learning!

5. @acteevism

Sustainable Fashion Influencers

Megan McSherry is another young sustainable and ethical fashion advocate who strives for imperfect sustainability. Through fun upcycling reels, informative graphics and sustainable #ootd she encourages her followers to try their best in reducing their consumption and opting for eco-friendly alternatives whenever possible. Her page also puts up guides to sustainable fashion in creative ways, by promoting businesses that are circular, ethical and practice sustainable production and sharing simple but impactful tips and tricks for a sustainable wardrobe!


Author: Mahima Hazarika 


Shubhi Rawat