We don’t just preach sustainability, we ensure it. 

We proudly partner with Mukul Madhav Foundation to support 150+ families, and have planted 1500 trees so far under our tree plantation initiative.

Come find out what it’s all about

When we first launched One Less, we were sure about one thing - we wanted to give back some part of what we were taking from our environemnt. That’s when we thought of the 1 tree = 1 purchase initiative. So does that mean, we plant 500 trees for every 500 products sold? Well, no. But, in partnership with Mukul Madhav Foundation, we have committed to donate part of our proceeds from each sale towards the planting of fruit-bearing trees in Panawadi, just outside the Pune district. It’s just our way of saying thank you, and taking one small stride, one less destructive action at a time.

Why tree plantation?

Because what’s better than tree plantation to save the planet, right? 

We wish! But really, there’s so much more to it. 

Our goal? A holistically sustainable ecosystem that supports all our stakeholders.

Not only does our tree planting initiative conserve biodiversity in one of the most forest heavy regions of India - the Western Ghats, but also helps stimulate the rural economy and promote localisation. It allows the locals of Panawadi to contribute to our mission in their own way. Not to mention, supporting the livelihoods of those in need. 

How will you hold us accountable, you ask?

Yes, it can be tough to know. That’s why Science & Technology (SciTech) Park, Pune (our tree plantation partner), has formed a committee consisting of members from the local government - the Gram Panchayat, to oversee our plantation initiative on a regular basis. This includes visits from a horticulturist that advises the villagers on optimal tree planting methods and guides them on innovative ways to sow new varieties of saplings.  

Here’s it all summed for you in our Tree Plantation Report. 

The End Goal 

While our 1 tree = 1 purchase initiative is just a start, we also strive to help achieve long term climate goals. While carbon offsetting is just one part of our story, we’re also focused on practices that eliminate the need to offset carbon altogether - like using non toxic dyes, innovative fabrics with less labour intensive production cycles, fair trade towards our workers and a circularity commitment that reduces our environmental impact in every way. 

We’re aware these may sound like too many heavy words right now, but we’re proud to be a business that walks the talk.